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Lolita Corsets

La jolie corsetière

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What is lolita_corset?

A community created in the purpose of posting picture, ideas and discussing about the corset style into lolita fashion.

Les règles à suivre

Every post must follow the rules, your post maybe asked to be changed a little to fit the formats used in the community. If you find the rules confusing, just take whats already on the community as an example!
o For picture post: Put one teaser (not bigger than 450x450) and the rest of the pictures behind a 'lj-cut text': put the amount of picture in the text field. Behind the lj-cut, the picture can be as big as you want.
o Use the tags, put lots of them!
o Put titles in your post.
o No extreme nudity, unless it's very tasteful. Lolita fashion is not about showing skin.
o Out-topic post will be deleted. By out topic I mean posting pictures that have nothing to do with corsetry, gothic lolita fashion or japanese inspired fashion in general.
o No sale post please!

The reason why there are so much rules is to keep the community clean and on-topic. Don't let all those rules scare you from posting!

Présente discutions

How to integrate corsetry to lolita fashion?

Liens utiles


Wikipedia, what is Gothic Lolita fashion?
The Lolita Handbook